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Attention Cable TV Subscribers


The Barbourville Utility Commission strives to deliver quality Cable TV service at the lowest price possible. In recent years, the cost of programming has increased by an average of 8 to 10%, annually. That trend continues to be the case for programming costs in 2016. In fact, the cost of programming for Barbourville Utilities has increased by nearly 9.5% over last year alone. This means, that we must increase our cable rates in order to offset the increased programming costs we have incurred.


Effective June 1, 2016 the following increases will apply to all Barbourville Cable customers:


Basic cable - from $51 to $56 monthly

Preferred cable - from $64 to $69 monthly

HD Plus - from $70 to $75 monthly


Despite these changes, our emphasis remains on the customer. Barbourville Utilities will continue to offer quality programming including local, digital, and high-definition channels. As always, we greatly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.


River Gage

mission statement

Our mission is to provide Barbourville and Knox County with the most economical and highest quality service available, whether it is the highest quality water, the most reliable electric or the most advanced telecommunications.


Internet provides a multitude of client-focused services

Citizens of Barbourville Online

In August of 1996, the Utility Commission, with encouragement from Union College, created Barbourville On-Line. This service was created to provide dial-up Internet access to the citizens of Barbourville and Knox County. Before Barbourville On-Line, Internet access was only available through a long distance phone call to either Lexington or Knoxville. BOL began providing Internet access to Union College through its Fiber-Optic network in August of 1996.

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The Barbourville Utility Commission was created in Oct 1938

The Barbourville City Council for the purpose of purchasing the existing Electric System. Three (3) Commissioners are selected from the citizens of Barbourville by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Each member serves a three (3) year term. The original commissioners were; J.M Wilson, Charles Jennings and Dr. B.P. Jones. J.R. “Jack” Wharton was hired as Superintendent.

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